‘Bachelor Pad’ 2012 Spoilers and Predictions for August 20

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This week’s Bachelor Pad is heating up big time. OK, so make that streaming up as more romance (lust?) hits the mansion before, during and after the remaining contestants try to stay in the game.

One couple to watch is the duo of Rachel Truehart and Michael Stagliano who seem to have coupled up quite nicely on this version of the Bachelor franchise. The two are physically well suited, or at least they look these players way. Perhaps they are just a pair of blondes having a little summer fun—or is it more than that? Signs point to no.

Meanwhile, Ed Swiderski and Jacklyn Swartz are also said to be still cozy this week, while Chris Bukowski and his love life is anyone’s guess. Will he stay with the last girl he spent the night with or will he go on to yet another conquest? Or, as he would put it, a new car? Hopefully, he’s done enough damage and will remain with Sarah.

Also to be expected, as reported from ABC via a press release, is the newest challenge dubbed “Great Fall of China.” And no, an entire country is not affected, only the tableware used in this part of the world and all over the globe, for that matter. Needless to say, something or someone is about to come crashing down.

As for the one-on-one dates, well there’s a glamorous tour of Tinseltown in store that is said to reek of the movie premise of “Pretty Woman” (shopping on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills perhaps? Or prostitution? Hmmm) with a night spent in an actual campsite (not so glamorous, maybe?).

As for the cocktail party that becomes the rose ceremony, well, there’s apparently a shocker in store as one of the most confident players in the pad must really get busy if he/she wants to survive.

So, with all this to look forward to when it comes to Bachelor Pad, fans can hardly wait to see if these spoilers play out the way they imagine and whether or not the predictions do, indeed, come true. Even those pundits who aren’t in love with all aspects of this spicy show certainly are going to be aroused (too strong a word?) by what happens on BP on August 20, 2012. Right? Right! Stay tuned.

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