‘Bachelor Pad’ 2012 Spoilers for Episode 3 on PB3 Revealed

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Bachelor Pad 2012 has taken ahold of summer television audiences by storm, some following along due to a dearth of fresh offerings during this slow time for the small screen.

So, with ABC reporting some spoilers about upcoming episode three, more exciting BP3 madness has been revealed. According to the network, the superfans who have been able to avoid elimination last week (see recap here) have found their reality show footing, both in the strategy department and in the love department.

That said, on August 6, the program’s hand-picked contestants, which include Bachelor Nation contestants as well as superfan contestants, will take on their third challenge of this third season. Called “Hot Sludge Funday,” an obstacle course that takes on ice cream themes, give winners a chance at three-on-one dates.

One aspect of the outings is an opportunity to experience the always intriguing Madame Tussaud’s Hollywood wax museum.

Meanwhie, ABC says that the BP3 contestants will also do more romancing, with one of the superfans getting into the groove with one of the former Bachelor/Bachelorette players that she has been dreaming about and who hasn’t been there for here—until now.

And so, as Bachelor Pad returns on Monday, this new report from ABC makes the TV show where love and competition come into play seems to indicate some real fun spoilers that will come true come Monday, so stay tuned.

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