‘Bachelor Pad’ 3 Recap: Kalon, Chris Are Not the Only Liars on August 13

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On Bachelor Pad 3, the games heat up both in serious competition and in ways in which the members of the mansion play one person against the other.

But first the contest. All remaining players (and yes, that’s what they are, in more ways than one) sit in stands to answer questions that get increasingly more personal and increasingly more back-biting.

Sarah, for one, is glad this kind of game has come to pass but the real hard questions didn’t come fast enough for this contestant. After the remaining members still on the program waded through Bachelor franchise trivia (a yawn), the real guns came out when Chris Harrison asked, “Who said this?”

The host then followed up by reading some hard-hitting comments that came from this season’s group of kissing and conniving players on the ABC reality show where love translates as lust and where nobody can really trust anyone else because everyone wants to win the ultimate prize of a quarter of a million dollars.

Surprisingly, after some real back-biting quoted quips that were identified, thus outing the people who said some downright mean things, Jaclyn and Ed gained the most points and won the game and the roses and the right to go out on one-on-one dates.

Although each could pick a partner with which to pair up, Jaclyn chooses Ed, and the two go for an outing to Dodger Stadium where they are the only souls on the field. Actually, these two appear to be there by their lonesome even though viewers realize someone must be on hand to do the filming and the lighting and the other magic, like giving them a set-up so that these two can sing a bad rendition of the National Anthem as the stadium sound system blasts their hideous voices out into the stratosphere.

Then there’s the kiss-cam, which also comes into play during this unique date where the two do try to play ball, all while wearing Dodger blue since both Ed and Jaclyn been given their very own, well fitted uniforms representing the Los Angeles team.

Then the fireworks begin. And by fireworks, this means real, live blasts of sparkles, steamers, and booms. It’s your typical Bachelor franchise date finale with so much splendor it’s sometimes hard to watch.

That said, perhaps the most interesting aspect of this date is that since Ed and Jaclyn both won the game to get there, Ed is told he must give his rose to another guy so that guy can go on a date and also be safe for another week.

Ed, being the loyal (read: not very bright) dude that he is, insists that the rose, date, and so on go to Chris Bukowski, the Lothario of Bachelor Pad this season. And Chris, being the sexist pig that he has shown himself to be (directed that way or not) decides he needs to trade in his girl partner like he would a car when it’s time to get a new one.

What that means is that this sly Romeo from Chicago doesn’t pick his own, often very scary partner, Blakeley. Nor does he pick Jamie even though he has just slept with her the night before. No, he picks Sarah, angering Blakeley and making Jamie feel hurt until she realizes (after Chris whispers in her ear) that Bukowski did this so that he could “protect her” from any fallout from Blakeley.

Together, Sarah and Chris go off to film a movie with Sarah in leather and a push-up bra (she does look awesome and very Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft). The shooting goes well, and so does the forthcoming hot tubbing where things get so intimate the two literally have to find a room in short order.

With Jamie is beside herself because the three- or four-timing Chris has now slept with practically everyone in the house, including gullible Jamie, all bets seem to be off. So, who will go home? Will it be Blakely (she’s worried), or Nick, Kalon, Jamie, Blakely, or David? It might have been Chris, but he’s safe with his single rose.

All kinds of promises go from one member of the Bachelor Pad tribe to the other, agreeing to their alliances with many of players blatantly lying about who is voting for whom. Chris is very determined to get Blakely out of there (he’s scared, very scared) and is told by his closest friends that they will back him (they don’t).

In the end, David and Jamie are voted off the ship, um, out of the house. They walk the gang plank, uh, mansion’s foot path to their waiting cars, but not before Jamie gives Chris an earful. He tried to get her to understand he tried to save her but she’s not buying it. Not one little bit.

And that’s how Bachelor Pad ended last night. With all that to digest, will Chris be on the chopping block next week since almost all the women are getting tired of his cheating ways? Stay tuned for the outcome on Monday.

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