‘Bachelor Pad’ 3 Recap: Who Was Voted Off on July 30, 2012?

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On Bachelor Pad 3 as the series gets going, some cast members will be let go. That’s the way the game is played so these reality show contestants know two will be voted off by their peers at the end of the hour-long program—or even before given certain circumstances.

Veterans of The Bachelor franchise as well as superfans of the various shows are part of this year’s competition to win the $250,000. The vets currently prevail since Chris, a SWAT team member, was sent home last week (see recap here). Still, that could change.

As the drama continues July 30, Chris Harrison demands attention as he explains what the task at hand. In honor of the Olympics, all contestants will take on a rhythmic dance competition involving hula hoops and steamers.

The guys make up one team, the girls are on another. The winner of each will get to go on dates and roses. Meanwhile, the worst entertainer on each team will get one vote against him and her.

Professionals are on hand to teach these initiated performers how to go execute their particular “sport.” Apparently, some fare better than others, with Erica obviously lacking rhythm, a fact that makes the seasoned reality star nervous.

Meanwhile, Mike Stagliano is good at this game, showing off how graceful he can be under duress. And he must have been duress wearing a skimpy unitard that shows everything. Still, he looks as silly as the rest of the men competing at this challenge.

The girls are up first and, quite frankly, are terrible at this particular task. This fact makes the guys feel much more confident when they have to show off their skills. And those skills far surpass what the girls had to offer.

At the end, the worst performers picked were Erica and Ed, while the best performers turned out to be Blakeley and Mike, meaning these two get to take three more contestants on a coveted date.

Erica Rose is desperate to get picked so she has a chance at a rose and immunity, but Mike is not interested and picks Rachel, Lindzi, and Donna. The group goes to a theater in Pomona for a live performance. While there, Donna gets some dance time with Mike, but it’s Rachel who gets to make out with him. And yes, after the spit swapping, he gives Rachel the one and only rose of the evening.

Meanwhile, Ryan is making plans for Jamie’s birthday back at the bachelor pad. He puts rose petals on a bed and gets equipped with both balloons and sushi in anticipation of an exciting night ahead. However, Jamie only has eyes for Chris.

That said, Chris is still interested in placating Blakeley since she isn’t all that happy when he hooks up with other women when he’s partnered with this sly contestant. However, Chris does end up making out with Jamie but tells Blakely that he isn’t into her even though he seems to be. To prove his point, he eventually ends up in bed with Blakeley, which makes Jamie cry buckets of tears.

Are you following this? Hope so. It’s kind of complicated in a pathetic, very childish sort of way.

As for the Blakely date, she picks her darling Chris as well as Ed and Dave, a superfan. This group is bound for a soapbox derby where each person gets to decorate a car. Ed’s looks like a green pickle since, as he puts it, he’s “in a pickle.” However, he’s not. In fact, he wins the race.

Back at home base, Dave and Blakely go off together whereupon he begs her to award him that ubiquitous rose. He tells her he’ll do absolutely anything to get it. Then Chris swoops in and grabs the rose because, well, Blakely is obviously smitten with this dude from Chicago who didn’t win the heart of Bachelorette Emily Maynard earlier this year. He brags, smugly saying he is “batting 1000″ at the Bachelor Pad.

In other parts of the house, there’s more action going on. For instance, a “pickled” Ed, who has been drinking from his soapbox derby trophy, gets intimate with Sarah before passing out.

As for the twins, well they are relentlessly bickering with each other per usual. In fact, they get so loud that some of the others try to get them to stop which doesn’t happen. Brittany has had it and gets packed to go home, which means Erica has to go too since, in this contest, these siblings only count as one contestant. So it’s bye-bye to both twins.

At the required rose ceremony, Chris Harrison is happy to announce that no other women will be eliminated since Brittany/Erica are gone with the wind. Erica is especially relieved, and she joins the other women to vote off one of the men keeping in mind that Mike and Chris have immunity since both are already in ownership of one of those thorny flowers that are part of every show made by the team who makes Bachelor Pad, The Bachelor, and The Bachelorette.

Kalon does some campaigning with Lindzi, the girl with whom he had made out the evening before. He tells her negative things about Ryan because, well, Kalon doesn’t like him. A little later, Reid is looking to get rid of Ed, who already has one vote against him because of his previous challenge failure.

In the end, Kalon, Reid, Nick, Tony, David, and Ed get roses, while Ryan gets the boot. So how did that happen? As it turns out, Jamie ended up voting against her own partner probably because of her crush on Chris, which may or may not go anywhere.

So, there you have it: Bachelor Pad 3 voted off Ryan on July 30, while twins Brittany and Erica left on their own accord—well, on Brittany’s accord. And so it goes. Stay tuned for more action and plenty more drama on BP3 next Monday on ABC.

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