‘Bachelor Pad': Chris Harrison Blogs About All The In House Drama

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Bachelor Pad has returned, and the drama in the house is in full swing in season two. If it isn’t the drama between Vienna and Jake, there is something else going on. Kasey has come out to be a major player in the house, and he holds a lot of the cards. In the Chris Harrison blog this week, the show host talks about some of the antics viewers saw in episode two. This series is not for faint of heart. That was shown as Gia walked off the show instead of seeing herself eliminated after an alliance she thought she had turned their back on her and went to Kasey.

In his blog, Chris Harrison had the following to say about that: “Maybe out of arrogance or ignorance, Kasey let Gia know that Graham had told him everything and that she was now a sitting duck. Gia got caught in the middle — and as Alli discovered last week when you’re in the middle you’re alone and dead in Bachelor Pad. Gia got flustered and felt betrayed and decided she has had about enough of Bachelor Pad life.” Kasey also turned his back on an alliance he had with Ames and Jackie during the episode.

However, one of the most interesting moments was the twist Chris Harrison announced at the start of the week’s rose ceremony. The announcement that kept Jake Pavelka in the game for another week and angered Vienna Girardi. Chris Harrison knew he changed the entire game with having two women go this week. He just didn’t know how upset Vienna would be. He said the following: “Vienna immediately got emotional and asked everybody to stage a walkout — no seriously, she really did. She assumed she had so much power and sympathy that everybody would give up a shot at a quarter of a million dollars because she wasn’t happy with the twist in the game. Shockingly this attempt at a coup didn’t quite work out and they all decided to stay.”

When Vienna’s plan didn’t work out, she then lashes out at Harrison and the series, and this is when Vienna is offered the exit. Chris Harrison said in his blog that this won’t be the only time he shows the exits to a contestant this season. That means viewers definitely should expect more drama. Will two men go home next week to balance out this week’s shocker? What did you think of this week’s episode of Bachelor Pad?

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