‘Bachelor Pad’ – Chris Harrison Blogs Episode 3 – And a Deleted Scene [Video]

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Another episode of ABC’s “Bachelor Pad” is now behind us, and that means it is time for host Chris Harrison to take a look back at the episode and give us behind the scenes take of what happened. He sees all! He knows all! He probably sees and knows a lot more than what he shares as well. This week, there was the kissing competition, and Gia was sent home along with her friend Jonathan aka The Weatherman. No shock on him going home. The girls all thought he was a horrible kisser! Probably no big surprise to those that caught him kissing Ali Fedotowsky on “The Bachelorette” earlier this summer.

As for Chris Harrison, he had this to say about Gia backing out of the kissing competition and then being sent home in this episode: “She had already competed in over half the competition, so I’m not sure why she decided to step away when she did. I know she was struggling with it and got emotional, but I was a little surprised when she walked away. I think it’s pretty safe to say her heart wasn’t in it and she had no chance of winning, but seeing as how she got sent home it essentially cost her a quarter of a million dollars.”

The reason she backed out the way she did was due to having a boyfriend back home. She was going to back out before the competition even began, and she actually went through the first part of the competition where the men kissed her. All were quite respectful when it came to her, and she was barely kissing the men as it was. If she wanted to back out, she could have at the start just as Ashley did. She waited too long, but now she has been sent home. For more of Chris Harrison’s thoughts on episode 3, head over to Pop Watch.

As for this week’s deleted scene, the girls sit down and compare notes on the men’s kisses. Gwen looks to be the only one the guys didn’t go all out for. Peyton was shocked they did with her. Check out the scene below. What did you think of this week’s episode of ABC’s “Bachelor Pad?” For more “Bachelor Pad” coverage, including a full recap of this week’s episode, go here. For the latest in television, news, go here.

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