“Bachelor Pad” Spoilers! Winner Revealed!

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Spoilers from the finale of “Bachelor Pad” are making their way online. Would you like to know who wins the $250,000? If you do, keep reading! If you don’t want to know who wins, quit reading now! Major “Bachelor Pad” finale spoilers ahead!

The Final Four

When we last left the contestants, there were six people remaining. The three couples were Elizabeth and Kovacs, Tenley and Kiptyn and Dave and Natalie. The three couples will be competing in a ballroom dancing competition and will be judged by ex-“Bachelor” and “Bachelorettes” Melissa, Jake and Trista. Tenley and Kiptyn won the dance competition and were allowed to choose a couple to bring to the finals. They chose Dave and Natalie. It wasn’t much of a surprise that Tenley and Kiptyn won the dance competition. “Bachelor” fans will remember that Tenley has an extensive dancing background. Cheers to Tenley and Kiptyn though for taking out Kovacs and Elizabeth, it would be awful to watch those two win the money!

“Bachelor Pad” Finale

On finale night, all of the contestants returned to serve as a “jury”. The final two couples must make a plea to the jury why they should win the money. The jury chooses Dave and Natalie. Tenley and Kiptyn didn’t make too many friends in the house, so it isn’t much of a surprise that the jury would choose Dave and Natalie.

Dave and Natalie then must individually choose to either keep or share the money. They have no time to discuss their choice and are separated. If they both choose share, then the money will be divided equally between the two. If they both choose keep, the money will be divided equally amongst all of the “Bachelor Pad” contestants. If one chooses keep and one chooses share, the one who chooses keep will get the entire $250,000. Dave and Natalie both choose “share” and split the money.

Also at the finale, be ready for a Gia/Wes hookup! Gia and her boyfriend have broken up and now Gia is giving Wes a chance at love! Apparently, at the finale they wind up making out in front of everyone! Let’s hope Gia and Wes actually last as a couple. After having her heart broken by Jake, Gia deserves some happiness! Gia and Wes make a cute couple! Best of luck to them!

Special thanks to Reality Steve, for once again releasing the spoilers to the show!

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