‘Bachelor Pad’ Winner Nick Peterson Shares What Solidifies His ‘Keep’ Decision

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Bachelor Pad winner Nick Peterson has been meeting with a lot of press the past week since he won the $250,000 grand prize Monday night. He went on ABC Action News in Tampa, Florida Saturday morning for an interview and explained he has no regrets for choosing “keep” instead of “share” with the money. If he would have chosen “share,” his game partner, Rachel Truehart, would have won half of the money. After Nick watched the final two episodes of the show, however, he didn’t believe he owed her anything.

When Nick was asked if still feels like he made the right decision in the Bachelor Pad finale, he didn’t hesitate to say no.

“It feels great to watch it back. I feel like I made the right decision. Everytime I see the finale it just solidifies I made the right decision,” Nick said.

He asserted once again how he managed to play until the very end and win the show.

“I flew under the radar the whole entire time. I stayed out of all the drama,” Nick said. “And I didn’t want to sleep around with everybody, I didn’t want to act a fool on camera. I wanted to stay completely out of it and I did. I made my move last.”

The first thing Nick Peterson is going to buy with his winning money is a Jeep Wrangler and invest the rest of it. It’s not “enough to retire on,” so the winner will continue his work as a personal trainer since it’s his “bread and butter.”

Nick’s decision to keep all the winnings was the first time in the show’s three seasons someone hasn’t shared with their partner. He didn’t form a strong bond with Rachel Truehart and didn’t feel a need to split the money with her. Her tears and utter disappointment didn’t matter to Nick because he knew she didn’t really like partnering up with him to begin with. It’s a controversial win, but the reality show is a game and he did play by the rules.

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