Bachelor runner-up Tenley Molzahn Confused by Jake’s Remarks, Possibly Thinks He’s a DoucheBag but Wants to Join ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Cast


Think America is confused by Jake Pavelka’s choice? Ask Bachelor runner-up Tenley Molzahn about it.

In an interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Molzahn said, “I don’t know what he was talking about.. He even told me we had such an incredible connection. When he kissed me, he felt like he was riding on a treadmill. There were so many moments that you didn’t even see that were so magical and alive and exciting and fun. I don’t know – we kissed a lot. I love kissing.”

Molzahn also said, “I’m a very playful person and I don’t know that Jake got to see me in all those moments because it was so important to me that I could challenge him and take him to that emotional level and build that emotional foundation first… But we saw that Jake likes that physical level taken care of first … so it’s ok.” (This last sentence, in my opinion means she thinks he’s a douche bag)

But she went on to say she wanted to join the cast of ‘Dancing With the Stars’ as an alternate in case of any injuries.



Source: Bachelor’s Tenley Still Stumped by Jake’s No “Connection” Remark


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