Bachelorette Ali Chooses Man–Season Finale–Roberto is His Name

Bachelorette cast member Ali Fedotowski fulfilled the requirements of her role last night and chose one of the male cast members as a potential spouse.  The male cast member’s name appears in the credits as Roberto Martinez.  The sixth season of the reality show finished with its highest rating since 2004.  For eight weeks in a row The Bachelorette has had the highest rating in its time slot among the hard spending eighteen to 49 demographic.  Whether this indicates that TV is really terrible on Monday night or that the eighteen to forty nine demographic is a slave to intoxicants and post-modern irony is an open question.

According to those who actually watched the show, after much dithering and misdirection cynically designed to create dramatic tension, Fedotowski chose Martinez over cast member Chris Lambton.  Lambton is male, by the way.  Don’t let the ambiguous first name fool you.

Another interesting question that’s best suited for crass humor is why the female lead in the show has a male name most often associated with Muslims.   I won’t make any jokes about Ms. Fedotowski being a transsexual, but the opportunity clearly is there. The name Ali is famous in the history of Islam.  Ali was Mohammad’s son in law, husband of Fatima, and fourth Caliph.  The Sunni-Shia schism results from a disagreement over the inheritance of the Caliphate and the role of Ali.







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