‘Bachelorette’ and ‘Bachelor’ Contestants, Peyton Wright and Chris Lambton Marry

They didn’t get picked on their respective shows—Bachelorette and Bachelor—but that didn’t matter. Peyton Wright and Chris Lambton still found love with one another. Better yet, the couple got married.

Peyton vied for Bachelor Andy Baldwin’s affections during season 10 of the reality show. However, the U.S. Navy Officer let go of her early on in week three. She had one of those infamous two on one dates where one contestants goes, while the other stays behind. Sadly, it was Peyton who got left standing solo on an aircraft carrier as Baldwin flew away.

Chris Lambton went for gold on season six of the Bachelorette. He vied for the hand of Ali Fedotowsky. However, he got his heart-broken at the series finale when Ali chose Roberto Martinez over him.

The couple met through another contestant of the show, Jesse Beck. It seems he thought Chris and Peyton were perfect for one another. Apparently, he was right.

Peyton and Chris married this past weekend in Charleston, South Carolina. Their wedding backdrop was the Wild Dunes Resort. The bride looked stunning in a Melissa Sweet wedding gown. It was a perfect day for the perfect couple.

Sadly, winners of the Bachelor and Bachelorette rarely get hitched. So far only two couples have tied the knot. Still, it’s refreshing to know that true love can come out of the hit ABC show, even when it’s done in a ’round about way.

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