‘Bachelorette’ Emily Maynard in Prague:Is She Falling in Love with Arie?

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Monday, Bachelorette Emily Maynard joined her remaining guys in Prague as the journey continued in this exotic Czech Republic city. That said, since the show is winding down from here on out, it’s imperative that with each date this blonde beauty really concentrates on romance more than she does her travel experiences.

Still, when The Bachelorette goes on her second one-on-one date with Arie Luyendyk, the two do enjoy where they are at the time. During their outing exploring Prague, this frontrunner tells Em that’s she the one. The special woman. The person he has been dreaming about his entire life.

Maynard isn’t sure whether or not she’s totally in love with Arie, but she does admit she likes to kiss him—a lot. This racecar driver has definitely found his way under her skin, but she’s being careful.

And she’s being careful for a reason: There’s a secret about this good-looking guy that she knows about but that he doesn’t know she knows. Apparently, Emily has learned that nearly a decade ago, Luyendyk was dating one of the show’s producers. However, the main girl in this reality show story did not know this little gem of an important piece of information before shooting began on The Bachelorette.

The “other woman” is named Cassie Lambert, and when it became apparent that Emily has become quite attracted to Arie, this member of the show’s staff went to the Maynard to let her know what had happened in the past.

Of course, this throws off The Bachelorette, who does not like to be left in the dark. She’s leery because she thinks perhaps there are other secrets Arie is keeping from her.

So, as Emily and Arie seek out the lures of Prague, she digs for information. She works hard to get him to tell her what he’s been keeping to himself. She’s looking for honesty so she can trust this guy who is obviously someone she likes and possibly even could love.

Sadly, this truth-or-dare session doesn’t end the way Em would have wanted because all she learns is that Arie has a tattoo that covers another inking that said the name of his ex-girlfriend. And that ex is not Cassie, it’s another woman.

At that point, and not on camera, Emily, Cassie, and Arie talk it out as reported by show host Chris. Maynard learns that the liaison with Lambert was very brief, that it was a long time ago, and that he never thought that this fact mattered one little bit. Finally, Emily is on board with the information she learned, admitting that this fact should not have anything to do with how she does or does not feel about Luyendyk.

As their date continues into the evening, Arie promises his date that he did not have any intension of lying or omitting the truth. Emily admonishes herself, telling the lovely lad that she should not have jumped to conclusions when she heard about the situation.

And then there is one of those kisses. It’s a good one and presupposes a possible hometown date.

At that point, Arie admits that he has fallen in love with her. He tells her it happened somewhere around the time the two spent together in Croatia. This proclamation makes The Bachelorette feel both a mix of emotions. She both thrilled and scared. Then, as is want to do on these romantic TV reality shows, fireworks literally flare as the two put their lips together once again.

At that point, Luyendyk admits to the ABC camera that he can see himself marrying The Bachelorette Emily Maynard. So, if that does come to pass, it will be Prague that will be mentioned whenever either of these pretty people talk about their own personal love story.

With that said, do you think this heart wrenching scenario will come to pass? Thoughts?

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