‘Bachelorette’ Emily’s Friend Thinks She May Pick a Rocker Type

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Emily Maynard’s journey on The Bachelorette begins tonight, and fans will get to see just what type of guy Emily normally falls for. Keep in mind, Brad chose her the first time around and it didn’t work out, so maybe this time around she will get her happy fairytale ending by picking a guy that suits her. Emily’s friend and former contestant Keltie Colleen thinks that Emily may find what she is looking for. And in case fans don’t know what that is, Keltie is now sharing what that is.

Emily Maynard

“Emily likes grungy guys,” Keltie wrote in her blog. “We had dinner when she came to hang with me in Myrtle Beach, and we talked about our love of musicians, rocker types, slightly dirty, and with that sense of style. I think everyone expects Em to love the ‘Ken,’ to her ‘Barbie,’ but she’s really not into that. She doesn’t care about abs and all that… I saw that there were some music guys in her cast—very cool!” It sounds like Emily may be seeking out the tattoo-covered men who play the guitar instead of the men who can say all the right things on The Bachelorette.

And since Keltie has been following Emily’s journey, she already thinks she knows who Emily will pick. His name is Jef Holm. He is the same guy who Emily was spotted walking with in Belgium, so the spoilers reveal he already makes it far. And since there was another scandal with another contestant, he could be one of the final two.

Do you think Emily will pick the guy with the “bad boy” image?

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