‘Bachelorette’ Jef Holm Tweets New Happy Picture After Winning Award

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It is no secret that Bachelorette contestant Jef Holm has the brains to make things happen. His smooth moves has definitely made an impression on Emily Maynard and she seemed surprised, yet intrigued, when he shared that he was the CEO of his own company, People Water. Ever since fans learned of his business, he has been tweeting more updates from his company. Recently, Jef shared a picture of himself with the co-founder of the company. Both men are wearing a t-shirt from their company and Cody Barker, the co-founder, is showing the peace sign with his left hand.

Jef Holm Poses With Peace Sign Statue and BFF Cody Barker

Of course, the focus of the picture besides Jef’s attractive smile, is the disembodied hand he is holding. The hand is indeed an award, and is showing the peace sign that Cody is doing. Apparently, Bachelorette star Jef Holm has won an award from The Amercian. According to Wetpaint Entertainment, it sounds like the hand doing the peace sign on the award is actually Jef’s hand. Perhaps he did something good for his company or the people getting the proceeds, which led him to get his own hand as an award.

If Jef is dumped by Emily Maynard, at least he has something to be happy about, since his business is growing and he is building a name for himself. If Emily did end up choosing him, he is rumored to planning his upcoming wedding to Emily. Surely, winning an award is just another positive cherry on top of the fantastic sundae he has gotten over the past couple of months.

Do you think Emily chose this determined, hot Jef?

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