Bachelorette Party Idea of the Month

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Halloween is a great time to plan a bachelorette party so let the bachelorette party ideas flow! Plan a whole day starting with an outdoor bachelorette party activity and then move into the night for some last night out fun! Dress everyone up in a bachelorette party theme for the evening. Our favorite is dressing the bachelorette up as a cute lil devil and the rest of the bridesmaids as angels or in black with skirts and black glasses. You can also dress up the bride-to-be as the bride-of-Frankenstein with some great make-up and tease up her hair. Bring lots of candy and make the boys do dares for candy. Enjoy a cinnamon pumpkin shooter as you and the girls go out on the town to party zombie style!

An important bachelorette party idea is to choose a warmer venue to have the Last Night Out in as the weather is starting to get cold, windy and rainy (depending on where you live). There are so many bachelorette party ideas during this month of macabre so have some fun at you or your friend’s last night out and check out some of our other wonderful ideas to make this Oktoberfest bachelorette party shine! has free shipping on all orders over $75.00.

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