‘Bachelorette’ Sex Scandal: Did Arie Luyendyk Jr. Dump Emily Maynard for Sleeping with Jef Holm?

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A couple weeks back, In Touch reported that Bachelorette Emily Maynard ended up with Jef Holm because she had been dumped by Arie Luyendyk Jr., who she had actually wanted to become engaged to. And even though that’s not what viewers saw happen on the season finale, In Touch isn’t backing down from its claims!

“Arie left the show after learning that the single mom had slept with Jef the night of their fantasy suite date,” In Touch now claims, after originally reporting that he had dumped Emily after getting cold feet.

“Arie didn’t know that she had been sleeping with other people,” a “source” tells the mag, adding that Arie, who had also gotten busy with Emily on multiple occasions, “started to wonder how well he knew this woman.”

Even though Emily said she wasn’t letting any of the guys stay overnight, that’s the whole point of the fantasy suite dates. What did Arie think Emily was going to do with the other guys if she spent the night with them, play cards or watch TV? If she had let someone stay in the fantasy suite, unless she gave Arie some kind of assurance that he was her one and only, he shouldn’t have been shocked.

But according to In Touch, once Arie found out she slept with Jef and decided to leave the show, producers staged the breakup scene “in an attempt to save Emily from embarrassment.” In exchange for shooting their final scene together, in which Emily dumped him after kind-of-but-not-really telling him she was in love with Jef, a “reluctant” Arie was offered cash, a free vacation and a chance to become the next Bachelor.

“Producers told him, ‘You’re going to make this look really bad for yourself if you don’t come along. You’re contractually obligated if we want you there,'” In Touch‘s snitch claims producers told Arie.

In Touch obviously has to print this, because it can’t just ignore its original report — it has to make a lame attempt to save face. But at the same time, given Bachelor/ette producers’ well-known editing tricks and storyline manipulations, it wouldn’t be surprising if something like this did happen. They can’t exactly broadcast their lead getting dumped and ending up with her disappointing second choice. So even though this is obviously totally made up by In Touch, you never know with this show.

What do you think? Did Arie Luyendyk Jr. dump Emily Maynard? Will she and Jef Holm make it to the altar? Sound off in the comments!

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