‘Bachelorette’ Spoilers: Emily Goes on a Group Date

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There are new details out of Charlotte, North Carolina where ABC is busy filming The Bachelorette. Cameras started rolling last week and thus far, Emily has had one date with a gentleman. Now, Reality Steve and Wetpaint Entertainment are reporting that Emily Maynard has also had one group date. In fact, Saturday night Emily spent the night with 13 of the male competitors who are seeking some alone time with the blonde beauty. Two of those men are Jef Holm and Aaron Martell. Surprisingly, Ricki—her daughter—was also on the date and she was pleased to learn that the Muppets were there to make her happy.

D9273211facb727c4305b889aaa758fd.jpgHowever, some of the men may already be cutting their time short due to the inconsideration for Ricki, Emily’s daughter. Jef Holm, one of the known men who is competing for Emily’s heart on The Bachelorette, acted out a sketch on stage with Miss Piggy where he pretended to propose to her and mimed having sex with the puppet. Surely, this isn’t what Emily wants for her child, especially when Ricki is sitting right there.

Ricki didn’t come into contact with any of the guys, so it will be interesting to see how the producers will keep Ricki apart from the show yet be close to her mother. Emily’s mother stays with Ricki during the dates, so maybe grandmother and daughter are judging the men from afar and giving Emily their opinions at the end of the night.

Wouldn’t that be something—a three-generation judging panels who decides what bachelors will get the rose?

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