‘Bachelorette’ Spoilers: Ryan knows the winner!

Bachelorette cast off Ryan Park knows who Ashley Hebert chooses in the end, and he is not afraid to tell you! The sobbing contestant who just couldn’t get sparks to fly with Ashley, has said that she ends up with J.P. Rosenbaum!
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This has actually been predicted by Reality Steve since the show first started airing, and people have also seen pictures of Ashley and J.P. in New York (his home state) together—so it must be true!

“It’s JP — oh, without question. That was the hard part. That’s where I felt like I got a little bit of the short end of the stick because JP had two dates before I even had the one. But the truth is, she started feeling for JP so early…” said Park.

In case you had any doubt before, it’s beyond clear that J.P. is the one for Ashley! The season finale of the Bachelorette will air on Monday, with a special Men Tell All episode on Sunday night. Will you be watching?

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