Bachmann Speech Interrupted by Occupy Wall Street Protesters

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A Michele Bachmann speech was interrupted earlier today by a group of protesters, who are apparently part of the Occupy Wall Street movement. The incident took place aboard a decommissioned aircraft carrier near Charleston, South Carolina, where Bachmann was set to deliver a speech on U.S. foreign policy. The USS Yorktown was the latest battleground for the Occupy movement, as several protesters abruptly approached the stage and began to chant in unison. The group read from a printed manifesto, which accused Bachmann of portraying herself as a grassroots candidate while still accepting support from the political action group Americans for Prosperity.

The Bachmann speech resumed, after the protesters marched from the ship chanting, “We are the 99-percent.” Bachmann re-took the podium and asked the crowd, “Don’t you love the First Amendment?” Later she commented that “it was a very disrespectful and ignorant move to take action in the midst of veterans who fought to give them the right to do that.”

The protest group later sent a press release to NBC news stating, “We took advantage of the moment to address the system and the people within it as to the unjust role of corporate money in politics.”

This latest demonstration, unlike other recent Occupy gatherings in Atlanta and Oakland, was non-violent and did not result in any arrests. The Bachmann speech was later delivered in its entirety, with the presidential candidate able to address those that truly came to hear her speak.

As more Occupy events unfold, the group’s true intentions remain unclear. They offer broad, sweeping condemnation of corporate greed and excess, along with demands that the wealthiest Americans be stripped of their belongings. Beyond this, little or no constructive ideas seem to be forthcoming from the group.

With the lack of specific agenda, it is becoming more apparent that the Occupy movement’s true objective is chaos and anarchy. The events and protests, such as the one at the Bachmann speech earlier today, will most likely continue indefinitely.

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, shown here speaking at a press conference on illegal immigration in Phoenix, Arizona (Oct. 17, 2011)

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore (Flickr)

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