Bad Alibi: Idaho Burglar Goes Next Door To Bar For a Drink

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A burglar in Idaho decided to swing by The Alibi bar for a drink – right after robbing the Cedars Inn. The bar is located right next door to the Inn. Needless to say, it didn’t take police long at all to nab this burglar!

Ok… common sense would be to go to a bar on the other side of town. Although, common sense would tell you it is also never a good idea to rob in the first place. Some criminals are quite intelligent. This one? Not so much.

Lewiston police said Donald Mosley Jr., the 40-year-old robber, was arrested less than 15 minutes after he walked into the hotel and demanded cash from the desk clerk late Wednesday. They found him next door enjoying a drink at The Alibi.

Well, at least he enjoyed his first 15 minutes of fame…

Mosley, who faces possible felony robbery charges, was booked into the Nez Perce County Jail early Thursday.

According to the Lewistown Tribune, this makes the second arrest for Mosley in recent weeks. Apparently he hadn’t gained any common sense after the first one.

In late October, Mosley called in a fake fire report from a pay phone after he was declined a cup of coffee at a Lewiston fire station.

Dude, next time you want a cup of coffee, why don’t you head to Starbucks? They sell it there!

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