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If the murder case of killer Montana bride Jordan Graham wasn’t perplexing enough, it’s about to get even more strange, as prosecutors attempt to prove she not only shoved her new husband over a cliff, but blindfolded him first.

Initially Graham, 22, had lied to police about her groom’s mysterious disappearance and subsequent death, saying she had seen her new husband Cody Johnson, 25, drive away with friends and not return again.

Then, four days later, the bad bride told a ranger in Glacier National Park that she had in fact found Johnson’s body herself–lying mangled at the bottom of a steep ravine. 

“It was a place he wanted to see before he died,” she explained to investigators. long after the puzzling episode and gruesome discovery, Ms. Graham, who’d previously expressed second thoughts about getting married, was booked for murder.

She then confessed to a cliff-side quarrel with her doomed groom in the national park one evening, and ‘accidentally’ pushing Cody Johnson over the edge when he angrily grabbed her arm.

Now the newlywed widow faces charges of intentional homicide in a twisted case that seems tricky enough to prove, what with no real witnesses to the crime, a rather elusive motive, and a mountain of unsubstantiated accusations.

But this week prosecutors made it even more difficult for themselves, introducing a brand new theory which gravely contradicts their first: That sly Montana bride Jordan Graham somehow managed to blindfold her husband on the night he perished.

They say she lured the unsuspecting young man into a deadly game of Blindman’s Bluff.

Lawyers for the defendant are quick to point out some glaring inconsistencies with this newest allegation though, countering that if Graham and Johnson were indeed arguing so bitterly, “it hardly seems plausible the argument would cease abruptly so Jordan could apply a blindfold.”

They have all along insisted the entire case against their pretty client was bogus, claiming her words were twisted by overzealous FBI interrogators eager to frame the reluctant bride.

Now, the defense may at last have been handed the big break they were hoping for, with the prosecutors’ latest contentions sounding about as far-fetched as the Grand Canyon is wide.

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