Bag of Blood, by J. O. Osbourne

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Set in a world where vampires openly attend high-school and the titular Bag of Blood is what donors provide to keep them healthy, J. O. Osbourne’s novel is a pleasing teen mystery romance with paranormal overtones. The characters, even the vampires, feel very natural as high school students, and the dialog rings appropriately true. Occasionally wordy descriptions are skillfully evocative not just of scenery but also of a teenager’s point of view. There are some genuinely helpful human touches too, as in the recognition of depression in patients after major surgery. Meanwhile some scary murders up the ante and family love and loyalties are nicely balanced against the romantic feelings of a teenager.

The history behind these vampires is pleasingly different and thought-provoking. Language and situations are convincing—not for the totally sheltered or totally squeamish teen, but appropriate for most. And the story has just enough scares, romance, and honest self-doubt to make it an intriguingly different and enjoyable vampire tale. Highly recommended.


Disclosure: I received a free ecopy of this novel from the author and promised to write an honest review.

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