Bain Capital May Have Ties to Voter Fraud Billboards

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Bain Capital may have ties to billboards warning of voter fraud in two swing states. Mitt Romney founded the investment firm which has ties to Clear Channel Outdoor, the company that allowed the controversial billboards in Milwaukee, Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio. An anonymous benefactor paid for the billboards, which state voter fraud is a felony that could result in jail time.

NPR reports the billboards go against Clear Channel’s advertising policy that disallows “anonymous” donors. Voter advocacy groups voices concerns the signs will discourage minorities from voting. Most of the billboards are in poor, minority neighborhoods.

The media outlet also states Bain owns a stake in Clear Channel. The company who owns the billboards won’t take the signs down despite several online petitions.

Once again, Romney can’t shake his days running a rich investment firm that bankrupted many companies. In a close election, local Democrats in those three cities need to point out that something wrong is happening. The billboards aren’t false advertising—the penalty for voter fraud consists of jail time for a felony conviction.

Yet instances of voter fraud are rare as compared to the number of voters. The Chronicle-Telegram of northern Ohio points out there were 70 convictions of federal voter fraud from 2002 to 2005. Over the past decade, nearly 700 million ballots have been cast in federal elections.

If an “anonymous” donor paid for ads that are against Clear Channel’s policy, what is the purpose of the billboards? Surely the “anonymous” donor must have known Clear Channel has ties to Bain Capital, right? Policing voter fraud is the least of America’s worries. Americans need jobs, not fear mongering. And Americans most certainly don’t need scare tactics ahead of a key federal election.

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