Baking Cookies : Photo Essay

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Every year in December the kids and I bake cookies.  Of course we bake cookies off and on the rest of the year too, but in December we go all out and bake tons and tons of cookies of all different kinds.  We usually make enough to give to others, which is what we're planning to do with some of these.

Today we made snickerdoodles, sugar cookies, peanut butter cookies, macaroons, and chewy chocolate cookies.  We didn't have time to get to the chocolate chip cookies and the oatmeal raisin cookies, so we're going to do that this weekend I imagine.

Parker and I started off baking the cookies, since Haley was in school.  We made the macaroons, the peanut butter, chewy chocolate, and got the dough ready for the sugar cookies and snickerdoodles since they have to chill in the fridge before making.

Here's Parker with all the ingredients for our cookies.

Making cookies with Parker is a unique experience because there is quite often sword fighting with the spoons!

Here he is actually doing some of the dirty work by adding the sugar.

Of course, if there is any sugar left in the measuring cup it goes directly down the old hatch.

Here he is adding an egg.  It was the only egg he managed to actually get in the bowl.  LOL

One must sample nearly every cookie to ensure the quality of the goods.  (hehe)

From that expression one can deduce that these cookies are a-okay.

The dough must be tested too.  Everyone knows that bad dough may produce a bad cookie!

Time out to talk to Daddy on the phone.

We had just enough time to bake our cookies and get everything cleaned up a little before going to pick Haley up at school.  As soon as we got home and she got changed out of her school clothes, we all washed up and it was back to baking cookies.

Decorating the sugar cookies the best part!

They are experts.  Can you tell?

Here they are checking out the cookies to make sure they're properly decorated before popping them in the oven.

While the sugar cookies baked we worked on the snickerdoodles.  Here Haley measures out the cinnamon.

Is this right, Mommy?

At the end of the day I have a kitchen full of yummy cookies, a house that smells wonderful (what's better smelling than freshly baked cookies?!), and the words "Mommy, baking cookies today with you was really fun" to warm my heart. 

What can be better than all of that?

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