Bald Eagle Live Cam: Decorah Eagles, Ustream Day 7 (Video)

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The bald eagle live cam via Ustream is very busy since the Decorah Eagles hatched their last egg above the Iowa fishery. E3 has been very busy, and the work has ramped up for the approaching rain storm.


Despite the fact that the last of three eggs have hatched, welcoming E3, the Internet craze and fascination has not showed any signs of slowing up.

Who cares about a government shutdown when one can do a bit of bird watching?

Even now, the number of viewers continues to hover around 160K at any given time on Ustream.TV Live.

Last night a thunderstorm raced through the Iowa Fishery where the Decorah Eagles call home. Save for a few rain droplets on the lens of the bald eagle live cam, the footage continued without disruption.

The activity of the eaglet chicks has increased as the sibling rivalry takes place over who gets the largest take on food. Thankfully, these pair of parents is skilled enough to spread the bounty of food around evenly.

The babies are thriving, as there is a ready-supply of food around. Don’t forget; the nest is located 80′ above a buffet of food, as the fishery is just below.

However, the parents enjoy diversifying the menu with muskrat, rabbit, an occasional duck, crow, and other unlucky rodents that fall victim to their 3″ talons. Ouch!

Again, thanks to the fine folks at the Raptor Resource Project (RRP) for making this sensational moment in history possible. They’ve made the bald eagle live cam possible. What could be better?

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Photo credit: Wikimedia

Tune in to the daily chat, a supplement to the Ustream Live chat that occasionally gets filled.



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