Ballet Thief Steals $16K In Dance Tutus, Maybe

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The Manhattan Youth Ballet, a dance organization in New York, is missing $16,000 worth of tutus? The question is, were they lost, borrowed, or stolen? You decide.

A whopping four months ago the dance company realized that the tutus were missing. Now in August the report has been filed with the police. What took so long? If the tutus really were worth $16,000, the theft should have been reported right away. The dance company says they spent the questionable amount of time trying to find those tutus. How many hiding places do they have in that dance studio?

The Manhattan Youth Ballet organization had borrowed the missing costumes from the internationally renowned Parsons Dance Company, run by David Parsons. These two famous studios are known for their brilliant dancers and extravagant costumes. It would be nice to know exactly how many costumes they had for $16,000. In the world of dance costumes can cost anywhere from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. Are we talking 2,000 missing cheap tutus, or are we talking eight nice performance costumes? These details have not been released. It would be easier to sneak out a few costumes rather than a huge load of cheap ones.

According to Fox News, Ann Layendecker, the business manager for the company said “We can’t put our hands on them. We did a search and couldn’t find them.”

Something sounds fishy. What do you think? Is it reasonable to wait so long when $16,000 worth of stuff is missing? After four months, it will be interesting to see if there are even any clues to crack the case.

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