Baltic Sea ‘UFO’ Dive News Subtitled (Video)

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A Swedish news report covering the so-called “Baltic Sea UFO” has been posted to YouTube with English subtitles and it seems the object may be far more mysterious than originally thought, but most likely is a natural formation.

The video, taken from a Swedish TV news channel, includes the first dive footage taken by members of the OceanX research team anchored 300 feet above the object in the ancient sea near the Swedish coast.

In it, murky images emerge from the silty bottom, at first nothing more than some ordinary rocks around the sunken object.

But as the video continues, more unusual shapes come into focus resembling volcanic pillow lava formations possibly thrown up by an ancient, undersea eruption.

The narrator likens the stone formation to a mushroom-shaped “fireplace” like the flue of a chimney, lending more credence to the seismic activity theory.

It seems this object is no more a Baltic Sea UFO than many other, seemingly inexplicable objects found in other locations dotting the ocean floor.

While it seems this mysterious object is probably not remnants left behind by an ancient alien visit to Earth gone wrong, geologists studying the images have reportedly remarked they’ve “never seen anything like it.”

So the mystery continues.

Here’s the video:

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