Bam Margera Says His Lambo Was Poisoned

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Bam Margera says a friend poisoned his Lambo. He’s mourning the loss of his beloved “Bamborghini” and drowning his sorrows with Goldschlager on his way to his flight to Phoenix, then wondering why people at the airport think he’s drunk.

Bam used Twitter to rant to his followers about how his friend, Cleveland, filled his Lamborghini with diesel fuel. This, of course, destroyed the car and caused $45,000 worth of damage. Bam, as usual, exercised terrible judgement by lending his “Bamborghini” to his friend, Cleveland. Have you ever seen Bam Margera‘s show, Viva La Bam? Bam and his friends do some pretty irresponsible stuff on that show, and torture his parents by ruining everything they own.

Now, although Bam’s friend, Cleveland isn’t one of the cast members, this does prove that Bam enjoys the company of people who have no respect for other people’s property. Then, he loans his car to one of them, and not just any car, his Lamborghini. There’s no doubt he didn’t tell his friend what kind of fuel goes into his car, because who would think that someone would put diesel fuel in it? What made the friend think diesel fuel would go into the car? If you were going to put some fuel in your friend’s expensive, luxury, $250,000 vehicle wouldn’t you give him a call on his cell phone and ask what type of fuel he wants?

Hey, Bam — Ever hear the expression that what comes around, goes around? Maybe you have a taste of what your parents felt like when you had a skate park built into their home, or the time you filled the house with soap bubbles. Karma’s a you-know-what sometimes.

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