Bank of America Online Banking Website: BOA Site Down & Issues Update

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The Bank of America online banking website still has issues after customers found the BOA site down for extended time. As of Tuesday, the online banking site was reportedly slow for its fifth straight day.

According to Washington Post, BOA had said this past Friday they had resolved the site problems. However, on Tuesday customers going to Bank of America homepage were still getting error messages. These messages informed customers there may be delays or difficulties in using the site. The alternative ideas were to visit the site at “non-peak time” or head to one of their ATMs or bank branches.

The article notes that Bank of America has 29 million or so online customers. It’s not the first time the site has had problems online either as customers had issues with their accounts back in January and March of this year. Bank of America reported these were due to “routine system upgrades.”

Just last Thursday, the banking company based out of North Carolina introduced a new $5 per month fee for use of debit cards. This sluggish online performance is reportedly not connected to the new fees which likely have many customers upset as well.

With technology always comes advantages and disadvantages. Many people have come to rely on the internet for everyday communication, shopping and banking needs. When Bank of America online banking has the BOA site down, it can cause a lot of disgruntled customers. With banking businesses part of the ailing economy, BOA needs to make sure its technology is up to par and can handle the demands of their day-to-day customers.

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