Bankrupcy for Real Housewife Teresa Giudice and Husband Joe

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Teresa Giudice Joe Broke

Last year I watched Teresa Giudice shop with reckless abandon on The Real Housewives of New Jersey.  She talked openly about shopping with her three girls (there is now a fourth baby girl).  She went on an amazing shopping spree for furniture and paid for her purchases in cash, claiming that she was using cash because she heard there was a recession.  Before the season ended, she was moving into a house that looked better suited for the French countryside than New Jersey.  When asked about the home, she explained that she would never be able to live in a “used” house because there was no guarantee that the previous owner met her high cleaning standards.  The show followed Teresa and her family to numerous visits to hair and nail salons as well as documenting trips to the photographer and agent she secured for her oldest daughter.  Cameras even followed her to the plastic surgeon’s office for her breast augmentation.  This season kicks off with the fabulous Teresa filing for bankruptcy.  Hubby Joe reports an income of $79,000 a year and the couple is over $11 million in debt, according to Huffington Post.

I will admit that the Jersey Housewives are oddly compelling.  I have not missed an episode and I plan to watch every show until they fade into obscurity.  I really like Teresa…she is great entertainment.  This latest news about her financial distress makes this real housewife much more real than she was last year.  Like the rest of us, she is going to face some tough choices and set some real priorities.  I am not at all surprised by this development, but it makes me sad.  I wouldn’t wish that kind of financial misfortune on anyone.  Well, almost anyone.

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