Banks and police use security intelligence to track Occupy protestors!

Occupy Wall Street or Occupy as it also known plan to have massive demonstrations through May. Well, Occupiers beware: your bank is watching you! Seriously? Banks are helping the police to monitor Occupy protesters.

It kind of gives me the creeps to have a bank watching you. I understand the police, but when the banks use surveillance on Americans, it seems rather not American. Okay, I hope this doesn’t get out of hand as some things tend to do.

I think the Occupy movement has a point, but I don’t know what it is. They are the 99%! Nice slogan, but who does that include? They have decided that they are not the 1%? Who cares. This seems to be a radical movement with no goals other than to disrupt our country. So now, their bank is watching them. That is sort of funny, but then again, it is sort of sad! I don’t know who to root for. Do we hope the creepy banks win, or the creepy Occupiers?

I think I’ll have to run with the banks on this one.



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