Banned torture photos ‘infuriate’ top US military officer

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Just how bad are the torture and abuse photos which Barack Obama has barred from public view?

A senior Pentagon official told CNN that these images of torture and abuse at the hands of US troops have “so infuriated”  Mike Mullen, the US joint chiefs chairman and “nation’s highest-ranking military officer that he demanded leaders ensure continued training of troops to prevent abuse.”

According to the CNN sources, Mullen saw the unreleased photos in May and June and “decided to write the memo after thinking more about what he saw in the photos.”

Recently, German Spiegel wrote that some of the photos the Obama administration does not want to make public are “much worse than from the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq.

Allegedly, there are “photos of rape, of female prisoners being abused and sexual violence being committed against an underage male prisoner” by US soldiers.

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