Bar Refaeli Classy Even Clad in Lingerie

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She’s considered one of the sexiest women on the planet, but Bar Refaeli even pulls off looking elegant while modeling raunchy lingerie.

The 26-year-old supermodel is the face and body of Passionata’s winter underwear collection, but she could look great in a paper bag. The former gal pal of Leonardo DiCaprio is always on “sexiest female” lists and this new shoot showcases why.

She sports a variety of lingerie combinations, including vintage outfits which make her appear like a character from a Fellini film. But, an accompanying behind-the-scenes video shows the blond model’s playful demeanor.

What’s more, the Israeli is more than a pretty face, and is now designing outfits for Passionata. At one point, she dons a pair of geeky glasses, and shows she’s a good sport by squeezing into a corset. It’s no wonder Refaeli has emerged as one of the most successful supermodels in the world!

The video will likely be a big seller because it takes the viewer through the entire process of Refaeli’s photo shoot. She is an experienced model with a range of poses, and can wear even the skimpiest of clothes with panache and class.

But, now that the shoot is over, Refaeli has returned home to get some much-needed downtime.

“God, i love being home!! LOVE LOVE in a few years- i’ll actually get to spend more than 2 weeks here:) looking forward !” she tweeted Monday.

Bar Refaeli

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