Bar Refaeli Shops With New Boyfriend in St. Tropez

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Leo who? Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli is out and about in a big way, with a new man on her arm. The two were spotted shopping in the French Rivera, specifically in posh St. Tropez. Who is this new man, and is he, in fact, Bar’s new boyfriend? Possibly. His name is David Fisher, and these two seem to be jetting around together quite often. So far, in recent weeks, they’ve been seen in Paris, Tel Aviv (Refaeli’s hometown) and now, of course, St. Tropez. a summer you’re having, Bar Refaeli! And good for you – you deserve it, after what was probably a very difficult breakup with Leonardo DiCaprio. A gorgeous new hunk on your arm, a big smile on your face and tons of shopping bags? Yes, a great way to rebound. Hats off!

Judging from photos published in Britain’s Daily Mail, Bar Refaeli and David Fisher seemed to be enjoying a leisurely afternoon together. And they look really comfortable with one another. Yep, they’re probably dating, or at least are really, really close friends. Either way, it’s great to see Bar getting back into life with gusto!

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons

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