‘Bar Rescue’ on Spike – Angry Ham’s Garage, Part Two – Resurrection

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The season finale of “Bar Rescue” brought Jon Taffer to Framingham, Massachusetts. The bar was called Angry Ham’s Garage and actually looked like a garage…not a bar at all! So Jon and his staff went to work to change the town’s opinion of the establishment. First he removed a large motorcycle that was obstructing view from the big screen televisions and removed some automotive related signs. Then he met with the staff for a general meeting. He told the staff that Tim called him in to take over and turn the dying bar into a money machine, so he congratulated the staff, because they now work for him. A special firm came in to weigh the bottles each night and in four days, the staff gave away almost $3000 in liquor by over pouring or employees pouring themselves free drinks. Jon was appalled that Tim was not as mad about this as he was. The chef has thrown his hands up in the air because the waitresses do not even know the menu. He yells all the time at the staff and they turn a deaf ear to him. Tim feels that the staff members are his friends and he lacks the discipline to tighten the ship. So Jon told him that he and his friends are all going to be out on the street if things do not change.

Jon had the papers for Tim to sign to agree to change the name, but Tim was still determined to keep it as it is. When Tim saw the new name, he immediately agreed to follow Jon’s lead. A specialist in mixology trains the bartenders on proper glassware and sizes of the drinks. There was no conformity of the bartenders and each seemed to do their own thing. Once they were trained, each knew exactly how to tend the bar.

Then Chef Duffy came back to revamp the menu and get rid of the drunken hangover food and give Chef Dino a reason not to be so angry. The new drink menu is uniform and the concept of making the proper drinks is put into place. For the food, customers will get what they pay for. Now for the people of Framingham and the soft opening; drinks are great but the servers do not come in to get the food out. And where is L.B.?

Jon sets up a meeting with the leaders of Framingham and still no L.B. They all agree that change must come and they also felt that L.B. was not good for their business and must go. So they revealed the new name and logo. The new name is Octane with a friendly waitress holding a tray of food. The inside is awesome with the automotive theme throughout and business is booming. L.B. is gone and business is up considerably. The finale of “Bar Rescue” saved the best for last.

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