‘Bar Rescue’ on Spike – Kilkenny’s Pub – Redondo Beach, California

“Bar Rescue” was called in to help another bar that is failing and quickly becoming part of a grim statistic. When twenty-three year old Allie had lost her job in a bar, she decided to use her inheritance to open a bar on the Redondo pier. She hired her now ex-boyfriend Carlos to be the general manager of the bar which sent the bar into a downward spiral.

Jon Taffer came in to see what was wrong and he found plenty. In a city ranked in the top of the wealthiest, with an average income of $104,000, it is not exactly in a poor neighborhood. So Jon’s wife Nicole went in as a customer to survey the situation and report back to him. She came in and wanted to order something Irish in an Irish pub, but they had no such items on their food menu. The place was dirty; the owner was sitting on the shoulders of a customer having a grand time and when Nicole approached her and asked her to have a drink with her, she gladly obliged.

Jon came in and immediately ordered the bar closed while he took the owner by her hand and pointed out the problems. He took control of the business and told the staff that he is taking no prisoners. Allie was not happy that they closed at 10:00 p.m. on a Saturday night.

In four days they will reopen, but it will take a lot of work. He brings in a chef and a mixologist to train the staff and revamp their drink and food menus. He brings in Carlos to have him assess the problems but Carlos is too busy texting on his phone to listen. Carlos refuses to take responsibility for any of the problems and instead turns his anger back to Jon by questioning his qualifications.

The mixologist attempts to train the bartenders but they lack the basic ingredients to make the most common drinks. Jon shows the owner and her sister where the fault lies; with Carlos. Allie is severely in debt and it is on her, not Carlos.

“Bar Rescue” conducts a soft opening occur with a packed bar, putting everyone to the test. The wait staff is confused causing more confusion in the kitchen. Carlos is not pulling his weight as a general manager should and does not take his job seriously. The ultimatum; fire Carlos.

The bar is given a complete overhaul including the name. Now it is the Breakwall, so fitting to the beach community and now the drinks and menu will cater to that community. Allie is now managing the restaurant after hearing Carlos undermine Jon’s orders to the staff. After 90 days, Allie is now managing a thriving bar and grill and Carlos is still there in a non-managerial job.

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