‘Bar Rescue’ on Spike – ‘Tiki Curse’ The Bamboo Beach Tiki Bar

Bar Rescue is led by Jon Taffer, who came to see Frank Telerico, owner of the Bamboo Beach Tiki Bar in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Frank is $200,000 dollars in debt and his lenient attitude with his beach beauty staff is costing him plenty.File:Map of Florida highlighting Fort Lauderdale.png

This opening episode of season two brings in an executive chef who studied culinary arts in seven countries and a local mixologist who specializes in tropical drinks to help with the plan. Terrelle, the mixologist goes in as a patron to see how the bar is operated, and is disgusted by the mix used to make a pina colada that is left with the top off at the bar and the mahi-mahi she ordered had a hair in it. Jon takes Terrelle to let Frank know what she found and how bad the pina colada was and he defended them both and told them that he never gets complaints.

Jon yelled at Frank and the staff like fans have not seen him yell before, but the owner seems to be in denial. When Jon and the master chef go into the kitchen and it is a dirty mess. The owner is lackadaisical and so is his staff.

Jon assigns the staff to clean up and interviews them personally as to their jobs and responsibilities. As Jon talks to the employees, he finds that they show up when they want and there are no consequences. One of the barmaids did not show up the previous day and another employee arrives four hours late. Frank told Jon that he would fire the employee when she arrived and read her the riot act and fired her. Jon does not believe that Frank is going to keep his word, but now he gave his top bartender a managerial position and she has authority to hire and fire staff.

Terrelle trains the staff and the chef trains the kitchen staff. No more mixes for drinks, just fresh ingredients. Jon invites a group of locals to the improved bar in hopes that they will become year-round customers; unlike the spring break crowd, that is only around for two months. Jon knows where the bread is buttered and the local population is the key to success.

When people are waiting for drinks too long, Jon sends the bartender, Abby, away and gives the job to a waiter who fills the bill. Abby is in the bathroom crying and Frank comes in to get beer orders for those drinking beer.

In the kitchen, it is chaos because Barry the chef has a giant ego and does not delegate to his kitchen staff well. After the crowd leaves, Jon meets with the staff to discuss how the trial run went.

In two nights there will be a relaunch and everyone must be ready. The food was good and there were no complaints. The bar was a different story because people waited too long for drinks.

Jon feels that by changing the name of the bar, it will be better for business. Frank fights against the change. Jon brings a design expert to remodel the place that has suffered from the dampness of the beach. As the changes are about to be made, a storm brews, but the team works anyway. The new name is the Bamboo Beach Club and Tiki Bar. The design is great, the plumbing is fine, and the place is doing a profitable business. The food is coming, the drinks are pouring and the customers are happy. In just one month, the sales had doubled and Frank is working himself out of debt, with a little help from Jon Taffer and the staff of Bar Rescue.

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