Barack Obama and Religion

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Somebody has started a rumor that Barack Obama is a Muslim. Perhaps this is being circulated now by some persons who don’t like the prospect of him becoming the Democratic presidential nominee and are feeling desperate. Most likely, they did this as a feeble attempt to capitalize on the apprehension that some Americans feel about Muslims.
    But, considering that the United States of America is supposed to be religion neutral, what difference does it really make what faiths the candidates ascribe to? As long as a candidate doesn’t belong to a radical or unconventional denomination or faction, why take the religious affiliation into consideration? It theoretically shouldn’t matter if he or she is Buddhist, Christian, Hindi, Islam/Muslim, Jewish, Mormon, Wiccan…

    Here’s how this could be significant in the case of Barack Obama:
He reportedly responded to the Muslim accusation by issuing a statement that he is a devout Christian.  Okay, nothing alarming with that alone.  But, he also has stated that he is in favor of a woman’s “right to choose”.  Problem is, one basic Christian principle is “thou shall not kill”.  A person who is devout, or pious, in their faith does not pick and choose which tenets to follow and be opposed to others; they adhere to their religion as a whole.
    It very well could be that he attends regular church services and follows many of the Christian principles.  But, without agreeing to the basic teachings, especially those as basic as the Ten Commandments, it would be hypocritical of him to call himself devout.
    Apparently, the rumor became a trap.  And, Barack was caught by it.

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