Barack Obama Booed at MLB All-Star Game!

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President Obama threw the first pitch at last night’s MLB All-Star Game. But all threw the introduction of Obama stepping out on the field, the large crowd started to boo him. After the pitch the booing got louder! But from what I heard from fans is that President Barack Obama threw a pretty decent pitch to the catcher. Hmm, interesting.

But, a few baseball enthusiasts that know how to pitch said that he threw like a little girl, and noted that Obama’s pitch didn’t make it all the way to the home plate. So from my understanding Obama could have great form but doesn’t know how hard he’s suppose to throw the ball. President Obama definitely cannot compare to the strike George W. Bush threw in 2001.

We all do need to understand that just because President Obama IS our president, that doesn’t mean that he can do everything. We obviously know that baseball isn’t Barack Obama’s strong point.

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