Barack Obama Cheating Scandal Likely Untrue – National Enquirer Reports President Mistress Vera Baker

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Is there a President Obama cheating scandal? The National Enquirer has drummed one up. According to them, Barack Obama cheated with Vera Baker. Supposedly Obama spent the night in a DC hotel with former campaign aide Vera Baker.

This all allegedly went down in 2004. The National Enquirer says that they have a security tape as proof of the affair. Of course, Vera Baker says that nothing happened. There are many reasons why this entire story is likely untrue.

First, they offered $1 million to anyone who had proof that Barack Obama had an affair. This prompted a limo driver to come forward. Of course, the driver’s name is not revealed in the story. Said driver says that he took Vera Baker to the hotel and then later took Baker and Obama to various locations finally dropping them both off at George Hotel at the end of the evening.

For some reason there is also a security tape that supposedly proves everything. Of course, the tape has not surfaced leading me to believe that the ‘proof’ in this story is made up. Read the story here.

The National Enquirer has actually broken stories of political figure’s affairs recently, but in this case, I feel very skeptical over the date and the ‘evidence’ they have. I just don’t believe this even as jaded as I am to the affairs of politicians. What do you think? Is there something here or is this just an elaborate hoax about the President having an affair on Michelle Obama?

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