Barack Obama cheating scandal – Vera Baker and Barack Obama affair?

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The latest celebrity gossip rumors have reported that there is a possible Obama cheating scandal.  The rumors claim a Vera Baker and Barack Obama affair took place and that there’s a security video showing their rendezvous at a DC hotel.  See Vera Baker’s photo here.

Vera Baker, age 35, helped on Obama’s campaign by raising millions in campaign contributions.  At least one source has reported that anti-Obama ops are willing to pay as much as $1 million to get info about the “hush-hush affair.”

One particular witness to the alleged affair is a limo driver.  He reportedly drove Baker to a hotel where Obama was staying.  The driver said he waited in the lobby as Baker went inside to change.  He talks of driving Vera Baker and Barack Obama to various locations so they could campaign for funds, and around 10:30 PM transporting both back to the hotel, where they went in together.

The key to the Barack Obama cheating scandal being proved will be if a certain on-site hotel surveillance video tape surfaces.  This tape apparently shows “indisputable evidence” and could make the whole scandal blow up.  Of course this is all alleged and could be the work of anti-Obama operatives looking for some dirt.

What do you think, is Barack yet another cheating president, or is the story too far-fetched right now?

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