Barack Obama Fiscal Cliff Plan: More Standing Pat and Gutless Leadership

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The Barack Obama fiscal cliff plan thus far has been a fine indication of the type of wait in the shadows president he has been over the past four years. Standing pat and letting others move what’s heavy, so as not to have to take the blame down the line. Not really presenting any “plans” of his own, (save a glossy brochure detailing what his agenda was for the next four years in office less than two weeks before the November election). And don’t even get one started about he handled, and continues to handle, the Libyan embassy situation. “Not optimal[ly]”, to say the least.

Obama has behaved much like that cowardly kid in the schoolyard (or battle field) who stands on the sidelines free from the carnage in between the lines and then leaps out after it’s all concluded to take the kudos for a victory. Perhaps the reason why this is not yet transparent to the American people is because he has had so few basking in the spotlight moments to enjoy as president. The killing of Osama bin Laden and the so-called “saving” of the American auto industry are pretty much all that comes to mind, with neither accomplishment really his doing, mind you.

Yes, just as Barack may be very familiar with “a golf-playing, cigarette-smoking, country club Republican, who’s there to make deals” as he once described John Boehner, at least the House Speaker has had the courage to rally the troops, compromise, take accountability and initiative, and, indeed, make a deal. What evidence does anyone have that Barry has moved an inch from his obstinate position concerning the national debt negotiations from the summer of 2011, hiding in the Oval Office (when he’s not standing at a podium, in front of cameras, surrounded by a puppet prop constituency)? If Obama had his way, he’d just as soon use his leverage and always campaigning propaganda to let the nation go off the metaphorical cliff, just so he can continue to place the blame at the feet of Republicans. As long as his all-holy polling numbers say Republicans will be held culpable for a headlong tumble, Barack will continue to lead ass-backwards.

No president in the history of the American politics, at least since Lincoln, has forged such a philosophical divide in this nation. Yet, unlike Lincoln, such is Barack Obama’s actual intent. While most Obama supporters are so blinded by their own moral self-righteousness to not see through the fact that Keynesian economics in the hands of an inept leader has been absolute anathema throughout world history, especially for the poor and middle class, it doesn’t take Manfred Mann to tell one that this is where America is heading. While democrats tote around the successes of Bill Clinton (who was actually impeached for lying repeatedly under oath, lest they forget), like some confabulated cask of FDR, Clinton enjoyed his success during the height of a short-lived tech bubble. It had absolutely nothing to do with the government taking more money from people, punishing both small and large business owners alike, and hence hindering America’s young wage earners’ (as opposed to takers’) ultimate chances of success and gainful employment (as opposed to gainful unemployment).

The president wants to decrease people’s take home pay, fine. He wants to double taxes on investment, okay. Continue spending at least $1.4 trillion more than America takes in and even demanding virtually unlimited spending power to raise the national debt limit – a power which the Constitution vests unequivocally with Congress, not the Executive – most likely as a means to polish the US off for generations to come in toto, kudos to you, sir. Call your policies “balanced” all you want, passive aggressive leadership, failing to even attempt to explain how you to plan to reduce the astronomical deficit your policies created (and in fact proposing to spend even more over the next four years), and impelling the American people toward class warfare by targeting the rich and successful like some unemployed Occupy movement bum, is not what leaders do.

It isn’t about the heightened tax rates targeted at 2 percent of America’s people alone, it’s about an ideology that goes against the grain of everything American that allows walking, deleterious sociology experiments such as yourself to maintain such views in the first place. No, you and your left wing Harvard professor idols and Third World, womanizing father didn’t build America, Barack. But your chimerical plans for the next four years in office, if left unimpeded, will continue to destroy it.

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