Barack Obama Wins Undeserved Second Term As President

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Barack Obama won a hotly contested, and much undeserved, victory in the 2012 presidential election last night. Obama’s re-election is a sign of major changes in America to come and perhaps his supporters will get what they asked for: namely, four more years of American mediocrity (at best) and wholescale decline.

Obama prevailed despite the fact that about 6 out of 10 people in the United States have said the economy is stagnant or getting worse, more than four years after the downturn of 2008. Unemployment stands at at least 7.9 percent, higher than when he took office. There have now been four consecutive years of trillion-plus deficits under the president. The economy was rated the top concern in the election by more than 60 percent of voters surveyed as they left their polling places yesterday. And, despite all these facts, the darling of Hollywood no-nothings and their less famous Twitter-verse and Facebook counterparts still says former President George W. Bush bears more responsibility for current circumstances than he himself does after four years in office.

While one seems to get summarily dismissed as “racist” or “selfish” or “close-minded” or even “old-fashioned” for criticizing Obama, the fact that a man who has done so very little to help this nation escape from the black hole in which it has seemingly been immersed ever since 9/11 could win re-election, speaks volumes regarding the American people. (“Fool you once, shame on him; fool you twice, shame on you.”)

Besides the voting of blacks and Latinos upon strict racial lines in favor of Obama, (and who could argue that Romney would not have won this election had he not named Marco Rubio as his running mate instead of Paul Ryan?), it was indeed social policy concerns that decided this election. As the results attest, Barry is the laissez-faire “leader” of today’s generation of solipsists, trust-/parent-funded idealists, blog-mongers and aging ne’er-do-wells most favor. Only instead of living up to the folksy attitude conveyed in his speeches, (like most sleeping tyrants) he is instead, by burgeoning accounts, an arrogant iron fist behind closed doors who cares far more about personal glory and his own dogmatic revolutionary agenda than the well-being of the American people. See, e.g., Obama-care.

He is also an individual who caustic dreamers/reality-haters everywhere can rally their bandwagons around, pointing their finger at both ancient and recent history’s injustices instead of making something of the themselves and having enough self-pride to not accept handouts (e.g., nearly 45 million people currently on food stamps) or reprieves from choices they themselves made (e.g., abortion, welfare, etc.). Whereas the hard work of America’s immigrants has been the very cornerstone of America’s greatness in the past, it will only continue to be so if they get off the type of self-victimization and failure-subsidizing ideology at the core of Obama’s governing philosophy. (And it would also certainly help if those immigrants here illegally actually paid taxes for the benefits they receive from living in America, which Mitt Romney had the damning audacity to raise as one of his campaign’s platforms.)

While Romney was uniformly panned by both Obama’s supporters and Obama himself as an out of touch white guy, who had the nerve to be successful in the free market system that was once the foundation of America’s economy, Mitt (while running a remarkably flawed campaign) in fact conveyed a strength of character and know-how so sorely lacking in the executive branch of the past four years and now sorely foreseeable future. Barack Obama launched shameless ad hominem attack after attack on Romney’s achievements as a businessman throughout this campaign, and the same sense of resentment is perceived from the president’s followers. Namely, that success, competitively-driven incentive and yes, biblical values, are just so passé (“What else can I say…,” said Kurt Cobain).

This election was a choice between two very different visions of government – whether it can dictate the decisions for the American people of how best to use a substantial portion of the money Americans themselves earn, or being a less-obtrusive facilitator for private enterprise and entrepreneurship. Yes, being a good Christian, Muslim, Hindu, etc., means seeing that money is not the be-all, end-all of life, and yes, Karl Marx’s theories would likely be endorsed by Christ, Itself, were human beings (and their leaders) not so fatally flawed, but what else has history proven than that politics are to government what televangelism is to religion, and a soapbox will never make another clean? If you’re still buying the snake oil this guy is selling, good luck ever getting back in the garden, America.

To close with a quote of Thomas Jefferson: “The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.”

*[Bums/non-workers] of the world, unite and rejoice!

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