Barbados – First Port of Call – Caribbean Princess Cruise

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We have been to Barbados before, on our honeymoon cruise 12 years ago.  I just loved this island for all it's beauty.  We asked the cab driver to take us to a popular beach that was pretty and had facilities like a shower and bathrooms and a place to get something to eat.  He took us to Blue Monkey Beach.  The area was a little sad and I was somewhat hesitant when we got out of the cab.  It looked like one of the poorer areas of town.  Once we walked through the gate in the tall cement wall I felt somewhat better.  There were very pretty bushes and flowers and a building with a big deck leading to the beach.  I asked where the bathrooms were and one of the workers took me back the way we came in.  He led me across the street to a little house and said to just go in and follow around to the left, the bathroom and shower was there.  I really felt uncomfortable but when in a foreign country do as the locals do.  It was very clean and nice and when I was done he helped me back across the street and to the beach.  There were men there to get us chairs and umbrellas and lead us to a spot on the beautiful beach.  This wasn't as nice as the place we went to 12 years ago, but it was pretty and I decided to explore a little and found some really nice scenes.  The water was beautiful and after we got settled in we had a nice time.  One of the men told us that this area was being renovated because it was damaged in some storm.  This was one of the places on the extra excursion list and I'm glad we didn't pay extra to go here, it was nice but not worth more than the $32.00 cab fare we paid to get there and back to the ship.  It wasn't as nice of a beach as the first trip there, thankfully we know Barbados has some beautiful beaches and on our first cruise this was one of my favorite islands.

These are the photos I took while in Barbados, some from the beach and the rest from the ship.  I hope  you'll go through them as a slide show, I didn't post all of them in this article since there were so many.



Some of the trees and flowers….

A little about Barbados.  This is one of the few Caribbean islands solely colonized by one nation, they even have a Trafalgar Square!  Names like Worthy and Hastings are very popular.  It really is a beautiful area with a gorgeous azure sea, soft pastel houses and vibrant reds, oranges and greens of the flowers and native fruits.  It is rich in Bajan culture, a blend of English tradition and the African heritage brought to the island by slaves imported to work the sugar plantations.  Every aspect of island life from music, dance, art, religion, language and food is the result of this potent mix.  The people are friendly, happy and very helpful.  The island's earliest inhabitants were the Arawak, a peaceful tribe from South America before European colonization in 1536.  A Portuguese explorer discovered this 14 by 21 mile haven and named it Barbados meaning "the bearded ones" for the shaggy exposed roots of the native ficus trees.

The island did not have a sovereign ruler until the English arrived early in the 17th century.  The first English colonists settled in Jamestown, now called Holetown.  Barbados was a plantation island and slaves were brought to cultivate the cane fields.  It was also a great attraction for tourists.  A lot of the rich went to Barbados for their health including George Washington and his ill half brother Lawrence for the change of air.  George Washington contracted smallpox that marked him for life though.

In the 18th and 19th centuries, Barbados' economy was successful because of sugar.  In 1966 Barbados became an independent nation, administered by a Governor General appointed by Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, and a Prime Minister representing the majority party in the House of Assembly.


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