Barbara Walters Age and How Old Is Sandra Bullock On The Red Carpet?

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Barbara Walters age and how old is Sandra Bullock on the red carpet are top questions during the Oscars 2010 tv schedule. As you fill out your Oscar ballot 2010 printable, you wonder about Barbara Walters age during the Barbara Walters Oscar Special 2010. After seeing Sandra Bullock’s video of the Razzies 2010 winners, we now wonder how old is Sandra Bullock on the red carpet?

Barbara Walters age is surprising. Barbara Walters was born September 25, 1929, making her 80 years old. I could not believe Barbara Walters age when I read it in Wikipedia!

So how old is Sandra Bullock? Sandra Bullock was born on July 26, 1964, which means she is 45 years old.

As celebrities walk on the red carpet in accordance with the Oscars 2010 tv schedule, I am a casualty of the ABC Cablevisioncrisis in New York…making the Oscars 2010 date and timemuch less meaningful…

Here is YouTube video of Barbara Walters on the View discussing how this will be her last Barbara Walters Oscar Special 2010:

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