Barbara Walters Doesn’t Trust the Kardashians

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Barbara Walters was criticized when she announced that the Kardashian family had made her ‘Most Fascinating People’ list this year. She made the announcement just as Kim Kardashian was getting a divorce from Kris Humphries and the family had a bad image in the press. However, a recent statement from Walters on The Late Show with David Letterman revealed that ‘fascinating’ may have a negative connotation in this case.

“Kim gets married, then Kourtney gets pregnant, then Khloe’s moving to Dallas! You cannot trust the Kardashians,” she told Letterman when asked about her opinion of the family. The Kardashians had reportedly been asked if anything crazy would happen given that they had taped the reality show and they replied, “‘no, no, no.” Barbara Walters reminds people that everyone knows how it ends, so surely the entire clan shouldn’t be trusted.

Barbara Walters

Whether Barbara Walters is sharing her honest opinion of the Kardashian family or clearing her name from all of the critics who felt she was making a mistake by adding them to her ‘Most Fascinating People’ list, one thing is certain: the Kardashians do have surprising news to share almost every week.

Perhaps that’s why Barbara Walters thought they were ‘fascinating.’

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