Barbara Walters Edging Towards Retirement; Ending Oscar Pre-Show

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Barbara Walters, who’s interviewed everyone from Hugh Jackman to Thomas Jefferson, announced on The View today that this year’s pre-Oscar Barbara Walters Special — her 30th — will also be her last.

“ABC has asked me to keep doing these specials as they have been so successful — and I’m thrilled we have such great stars and have such a wonderful show — but to be honest, I feel like I’ve ‘been there, done that’,” Walters said.

(Evidently she hasn’t been/done enough of her annual 10 Most Fascinating People special, though, as that will apparently continue. Rielle Hunter and Jenny Sanford, anybody?)

“This special has been a labor of love for 29 years,” Babs went on, speaking of the Oscar show. “I will always remember when Hugh Jackman gave me a private lap dance or sitting down with the legendary Bette Davis or being taught to tango by Al Pacino.”

Given that she once dated Attila the Hun, doesn’t she must remember the time when Demi Moore showed her how to striptease? The Columbia School of Journalism closed its doors and wept for an entire week after that one.

This year’s Oscar pre-show guests include best actress nominee Sandra Bullock and best supporting actress nominee Mo’Nique. ABC says she’ll also look back on memorable moments from specials past, so there’s hope for that Demi clip to return to haunt us all yet.

Walters started the show on March 31, 1981 with Ringo Starr and Barbara Bach, and over the following three decades talked to everyone from Elizabeth Taylor and Audrey Hepburn to Anthony Hopkins and Steven Spielberg. According to this story on ABC’s website, she also interviewed “President Ronald Reagan (who was serving his term at the time) and his wife, Nancy Regan,” which apparently means that Nancy was in fact married to Donald Regan, not Ronald Reagan, all this time.

Ah, the ABC News legacy lives on…


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