Barbara Walters Still Hospitalized—Now with Chicken Pox

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Barbara Walters has fallen ill with a common childhood disease, and has been hospitalized in a New York hospital. She was initially being treated after falling down and hitting her head, but was kept by doctors after she developed a fever which eventually showed its cause to be chickenpox. It’s unfortunate that she’s fallen ill, but luckily she is getting the best of care and should be fine.

The 83-year-old hopes to go home soon, but concerns about the risk of serious complications such as pneumonia mean she needs to be where doctors can monitor her around the clock. According to Yahoo! News, she apparently avoided getting the disease as a child.

Chickenpox is not usually dangerous for its typical victims, children under the age of 10. Although uncomfortable at these ages, it becomes more risky for adults because the likelihood of having secondary complications increases, and it also makes the illness more severe.

Barbara Walters has long been an icon for women everywhere. Hopefully she is well soon, and can avoid any other pitfalls this year. She’s been through enough in just the first month!

Photo Credit: Joella Marano

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