Barbie Doll Camera – Boycott Urged – Does Doll Pose Potential Threat to Children’s Safety?

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A new Barbie doll has parents urging for a boycott. This new Barbie doll comes equipped with a camera which children can use to record footage of themselves playing.

This Barbie doll sounds pretty cool – and surely will make the top of your child’s wish list this holiday season. However, before you buy, you may want to hear why some parents are calling for a boycott.

The tiny camera is in the form of a small LCD screen which is cleverly hidden in the doll’s necklace. Kids can record themselves playing for up to 30 minutes at a time and are instantly able to play back the recorded footage.

That sounds fun! However – this is the part that has experts concerned. Your child can also upload this footage into the computer and share their play sessions online with their friends.

Sally-Anne McCormack, a clinical psychologist in Australia, says the toy could be abused as a “potentially pornographic tool.” According to MSNBC, she said “it would be easy for someone with perverse intentions to hand the doll to a child” and she counsels children already about the dangers of being filmed unknowingly.

Sadly, McCormack makes a valid point – there certainly are creeps out there who could use the doll manipulatively. Children – and parents – should be cautioned of the potential dangers of being recorded and posting the footage on the internet.

At this time, the Barbie doll by Mattel is retailing for $110.


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