Barefoot & Pregnant : A Pregnancy Update

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Sorry, I just couldn’t help that title after I had my husband to take the following photo of me this evening.  Here I am in all my barefoot and pregnant glory.  LOL


I have been absolutely terrible at posting updates and photos of myself during this pregnancy.  Here I am only two days away from being exactly 31 weeks, and this is only the second photo of myself that I have posted; though my mom did post one on here a few days ago.

My pregnancy has continued to go smoothly.  Nothing has happened of any import.  Baby is fine.  Mama is fine.  I’ve gained either 14 or 17 pounds.  Neither hubby nor I can remember which it is exactly, and I’m not one to know exactly what my weight is, so stepping on the scales to see what I weigh now won’t work, because I honestly have no idea what I weighed before I got pregnant.  Yeah, I know, sometimes I’m just not a normal woman.

Like I said I’ll be 31 weeks along in my pregnancy day after tomorrow (Sunday).  My due date is still October 3rd, and measurements and things are in perfect alignment with that.  I will be having a scheduled c-section (had c-sections with both Haley and Parker).  I’m thinking they will schedule the c-section the last week of September, which would actually take a week off the total weeks left of my pregnancy, making for only 8 weeks to go until baby is here!!  We’re all getting very pumped up!

I’ve slowly accumulated a few baby clothes and amassed a huge pile of diapers from my CVS shopping.  This baby certainly will never run out of Huggies!  I’m planning on breastfeeding again.  My mom will be coming down to help out with the kids and things around the house when I go in for the c-section.

I guess that’s about all I have to report.  I can’t think of anything else anyway.  This pregnancy has been such an enjoyable experience that I can’t believe I ever hated being pregnant the other two times.  Can’t wait to get him here!!  Can’t wait to see what he looks like!  For that matter, can’t wait to be 100% sure that the ultrasound technician was correct; I’m never entirely certain until the baby is actually here!  LOL

So, there you have it – a pregnancy update.  Getting bigger and fully showing and enjoying every minute of being barefoot and pregnant! 

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